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Brandon Chia

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Photographer | Registered Nurse |

My name is Brandon Chia, and I am a Registered Nurse, a photographer, and a travel enthusiast.

Since 2009, I have focused my photography skills on nature photography and involved in the field of wildlife conservation. As a conservation volunteer with the local nature reserve, I conduct wildlife surveys, mangrove restoration work, and guided tours around nature reserves alongside professional environmental conservationists.

As I develop my photography skills, I have branched out into documentary, portrait, and event photography as well as collaborating with a variety of NGOs and government organizations. Recently, my photographs have been featured in textbooks, encyclopedias, and commercial prints, and I have been honoured with membership in the NYAA Young Photographer Network.

I began my formal nursing education in 2010, and I am today a Registered Nurse licensed under the Singapore Nursing Board. During my career, I have spent time in the intensive care unit, emergency department, pre-hospital care, and the intermediate and long-term care (ILTC) sector. I have a keen interest in wound management, diabetes care, and patient safety culture.

When I'm not in the clinical setting, I enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering for medical mission work. To date, I assisted with relief in Nepal and Myanmar.

My CV is available for viewing - click here.

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